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My version of Killer Shrimp rocks!

In 1995, I moved a full airline container packed with my Italian furniture and home décor to the home I  purchased for my father some years before.  I had helped my dad furnish the home so it became rather crowded when my Italian furnishings arrived.

Although I’ve always adored my father, I didn’t want to live with him like a loser in my late 30s so I fled to Los Angeles to search for freelance gigs as a commercial film producer.

It was a shock to my reality to move from Milan to Arizona and then to LA, all within a year.  Milan—not unlike Manhattan—is a walking city.  I had to drive everywhere in Scottsdale, mostly because of the heat but also because any store was just too far away to walk.

I rented an apartment in Marina Del Rey—my favorite part of LA since my college years—and thus relieving the furniture bulge of the Arizona home.  I chose Marina Del Rey because I could walk to the local grocer, restaurants and shops. I could leave my car in the garage during the weekends and get some needed exercise.


I discovered a small restaurant in the neighborhood that only served Killer Shrimp and baguette.  They didn’t serve beer or wine.  I remembered you could get an ice water to tame the picante of the broth.  I would eat this delicious concoction 2 or 3 times a month.  If I had left overs I would add heavy cream, more shrimps and serve over pasta. Yum.