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Remembering Parma, Italy with Tortellini di Zucca.

**Disclaimer:  The names of the people have been changed in order to protect their privacy, and for a bit of comedic effect.

Our architect Bennito told Gianni that the villetta at the sea was finally finished.  He spoke of an annual antique fair that was about to begin, and we could go there to finish furnishing it.  The fair was open only to dealers, interior designers, and architects.  We would have to travel to Parma.  Oh darn.

I’d heard of a delectable dish called ravioli di zucca, best served in Parma, not to mention the different vintages of aged cured Parma ham.  One is served a plate of rather large ravioli stuffed a sweet but wonderfully savory pumpkin filling.  All this is swimming in a sage butter sauce.  I would have gone to the antique fair only for the dinner we could have at the end of the day.

I couldn’t find Mostarda Mantovana at first, so I made it.  Two and a half pounds to use only 2 tablespoons in the recipe.  I can be crazy like that.  I suppose I will be making tortellini di zucca weekly for a while.

Buon Appetito