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I prefer White Lasagna to the red sauce one.

**Disclaimer: The names of the people have been changed for the protection of their privacy, and for a bit of comedic effect.

Marchesa Lanzi rarely would use tomato sauce.  Although we’d put away tons of tomato sauce each September in curvy old Coke bottles.  I rarely saw her use red sauce on pasta with meat.  She’d use brown butter and sage sauces for the capelletti or white sauce on tagliatelli and lasagna.
I would assist her with everything except making the pasta from scratch.  She’d make a mountain of flour on the marble table in the center of her kitchen and then make a well at the top.  She’d place three or four eggs in the flour well, then start mixing in the eggs with her arthritic hands.  I never really learned how to make pasta from scratch.

I did learn how to make the meat sauce and the béchamel for white lasagna, –Lasagna Bianca.  I use Barilla© lasagna noodles.  The kind you have to cook.  The no-cook-noodles does’t work for me.