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You Love Bacon and Eggs, You’ll Love Carbonara.

Spaghetti Carbornara

What is prettier than a glistening egg yolk atop a swirl of angel hair pasta smothered in a pancetta-laden parmigiano sauce? It is even prettier when garnished with finely chopped Italian flat leaf parsley.

I learned how to make this late one night at an Italian lover’s flat. We had talked—wink, wink—all night and I was famished. He told me that the only dish he knew how to prepare was Carbonara. He said, “I could probably learn to open a jar of marinara sauce and heat it up, but it would be against my Napolitana Mother’s religion to not make the sauce from scratch.”

Most Italian refrigerators contain the staples of parmigiano cheese, eggs and pancetta even if the inhabitants rarely cook. There is always a Mason jar of pasta of some sort in the cupboards and onions, shallots and garlic in a bowl on the counter.

I love eggs and I love, love bacon. I also love pasta; put those things all together and I could go to heaven.