The Best Way to Learn Italian Is in a Horizontal Position. By Maggy Brown.

Maggy Brown, Author.

My memoir is a story of lust, high fashion, a castle, a six-hour Bolognese sauce and other recipes—peppered with tales of Italian lovers, husbands, my rise in the film production industry in Europe, and my courage to neglect my fears and live my life.

I was a naïve nineteen-year-old when I headed alone to Milan to make a new life for myself without knowing a word of Italian. I accidentally became a model and walked the runways for Chanel, Versace, Armani, and Krizia.

This 87,000-word memoir, THE BEST WAY TO LEARN ITALIAN IS IN A HORIZONTAL POSITION, With Recipes For Life, will appeal to fans of Tim Parks’ reflections in ITALIAN NEIGHBORS, and Elizabeth Bard’s French culinary journey in LUNCH IN PARIS: A LOVE STORY, WITH RECIPES.  It’s about my take during a fifteen-year stint in Italy on the quirky cultural differences, like cops drinking on the job, crazy Italian maladies—mal di fegato—aka, my liver hurts, why cleavage sells yogurt, infidelity, and of course, Italian cooking.

I’ve spent twenty-eight years working in international advertising and film with the likes of Steven Poster Asc, the director of photography of Donnie Darko and Someone to Watch Over Me fame, Tony Scott’s favorite DP, Jeffrey Kimball Asc, and the Italian director of photography, Dante Spinotti Asc, who lights most of Michael Mann’s films.

With my blog and this book, I send encouragement to anyone who wants to find their own muse.

The manuscript inspired it’s first proofreader, a single mother, to pack up her three kids and move to Germany to follow her dreams—and her hot German lover.


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2 thoughts on “The Best Way to Learn Italian Is in a Horizontal Position. By Maggy Brown.”

  1. Hi Maggy,

    I have absolutely no experience when it comes to reading memoirs or editing their queries but this is the first memoir I’ve ever desired to read which is saying a lot because I’m not much for non-fiction. It’s so amazing, I was instantly captured with the second paragraph as I wondered how a naive nineteen year old accidentally becomes a runway model for some of the most famous brands of all time. Also I loved in the first paragraph the food reference “peppered with tales of Italian lovers…”. Just wanted to point out that for the third paragraph, the comp titles should be in all caps.

    This story sounds very inspiration if it could give a single mother enough courage to go after her lover with her kids. Good luck and I hope to read it one day.

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