“No Longer. Not Yet.”





Last year it seems that I had been living in the abyss between “No longer and not yet.”

I read this phrase while perusing the pages of W magazine in an article about the new Gucci creative director, Alessandro Michele musing about contemporary. Michele was looking for the definition of contemporary and found his answer from two philosophers: The Italian Giorgio Agamben and his French counterpart Roland Barths who both stated something like, “The contemporary is the untimely.”(—David Amsden of W).

I believe ‘untimely’ can creep up on you and settle in. It may be difficult to leave the ‘untimely’ behind. The ‘untimely’ is when you are not ready to start something and you are not ready to accept that what was, is no longer. This gorge you may find yourself in is a rut and, as Liz Gilbert says, “You better get out before you furnish it,”—that rut. I was blaming distractions, like losing a dog to old age, adopting a new one, and being unable to launch into my new life before the old one was wrapped up in a tidy bow and carried out of my home and my life for good. But, it was merely a rut in between the ‘No Longer’ and the ‘Not Yet.’

Then something magical happen—A milestone birthday, a New Year, he signed some divorce papers, or whatever it was—or all of the above, that gave an opportunity for a new awakening. That energized thought process that allows the creative to flow once again. And, Viola.

I was able to write an essay, design my next book cover and cut paper like a fiend for all the collages I’ve been meaning to do since last August.

I now intend to remain energized knowing that I’ve discovered the concept of staying away from the ‘untimely,’ of embracing the ‘No Longer’ and jumping right through the ‘Not Yet’ to ‘Right Now.’

Wishing all my loved ones a very Happy New Year.

Write on,
Maggy Brown