Fennel and Potato Gratin

**Disclaimer: The names of the people have been changed in order to protect their privacy, and for a bit of comedic effect.

IMG_1563On any given Sunday there were three big birds on a spit in the fireplace in the third floor gran salon of the castle.

The first Sunday I ate with the Lanzi family we had cappelletti.  After we finished the pasta course, Guglielmo and his brother took the birds off the spit, carved them, and placed the meat on an enormous silver platter that was already filled with roasted vegetables. Together the men took the platter around the table to serve everyone.  I had asked Guglielmo to teach me some polite things to say at dinner.  I had noticed the veggies go into the oven earlier. I don’t like onions…not because of the flavor I just can’t digest them very well. I asked Stefano to tell me the Italian word for onions.

The platter arrived at my side and I thought I said, “I prefer not to eat the onions.” In fact, what I did say was, ” I don’t have a preference for cock.” There were gasps and some giggling until Marchesa Lanzi said, “I would have never guessed that fact.” They all broke out in laughter.

This particular Sunday I had had prepared a fennel and potato gratin.

Buon Appetito

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