He asked for Recipes for Sailing.

at the helm[1]My sailor friend, David wrote,
“We left from Phuket.  We sailed the Adaman Sea which is on the West Coast of Thailand.
Sailboats have very small galleys. Typically there will be a 2 burner stove with a small  microwave sized oven. Both are propane fueled. On some occasions there will also be a BBQ type grill which may be either propane or charcoal fueled.
There is a small fridge and also a small freezer, but not a lot of space. Provisioning on the boats can be easy or hard depending on the locale.
Some of our members are gourmet level cooks while others like me are not so skilled.”

I thought—What an adventure.  I really admire the idea of sailing in foreign seas and wanting to gourmet dine while you’re at it.
IMG_0213So I came up with a few recipes which ingredients are mostly non-perishable or, at least don’t need to be refrigerated. 
Spaghetti alla Vongole fits the bill.  Perfectly tasty baby clams are canned by Cento.™  Bring dry spaghetti pasta, garlic, shallot, olive oil, lemons, capers, white wineI like CAVIT© Pinot Grigio, dry parsley flakes, and a couple of 10oz. cans of CENTO™whole shelled baby clams.
And, you’re cooking.

Write on,
Maggy Brown


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