Dusting Off the Americanate.

IMG_0407I got rid of the ginormous American coffee grinder/maker on my counter and dusted off the various options that I brought back from Italy. The new coffee milieu gives me joy.  I don’t drink coffee much anymore, but it will be—Oh, so very me—to offer a café mocha or French press coffee to guests.

So I thought—why stop there?  Who needs Revere Ware™?  You know, the pots with the copper bottoms.
IMG_0216I dusted off and polished my Italian copper pots.  Although one must dry them thoroughly after washing or unsightly water spot appear, they give me joy.  I think my Italian copper pots conduct heat better or do they just look sexy?  Kitchen Jewelry!  Even the stove seems happier.
And, I’m not stopping there.  I’ve decided to use my Alessi™ tea pot instead of heating my tea in the microwave.
IMG_0218I need to boil water for the French press coffee that I offer to guests.  Why not boil water for my Green tea with ginger and honey?  I drink that all day long.  What a happy sound when the famous Alessi™birdie whistle blows to tell you may have another cup of hot tea.
I will stop here before I bore you to death with my Italianating my kitchen.—Until I dig through my pantry for yet another Italian treasure.

Write on,
Maggy Brown