Dan Mountain is a dude! I painted this portrait 12 years ago.

“When I tell stories about people who’ve made a difference, Maggy Brown’s right there at the top of the list.

From humble beginnings in rural Arizona, she turned herself into a star in the advertising business.  First in this country, in New York City and later on in international meccas like Paris and Milan.

In a world peopled by phonies with too much make-up, the smarts and good looks of Maggy Brown were a welcome exception.  And when she landed a job as executive producer in the largest production company in Europe, she thought she’d died and gone to advertising heaven.

These days she’s happily retired from the advertising jungle, and living in a well-to-do suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  She’s happy and crazy busy working on her next book.”

Dan M. Mountain, Retired Ad Man/ex-co-Creative Director, Hal Riney & Partners SF.

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