Roadside Carnitas, sans the flies and the roadside.

**Disclaimer:  The names of the people have been changed for the protection of their privacy, and for a bit of comedic effect.

Gianni and I decided to spend our Christmas holiday in Mexico.  We hadn’t seen each other much in the past few months.  I booked a hotel in Guaymas my mother and dad used to visit when they were married.  It was an old hacienda-type building with a Spanish-tiled pool in the center courtyard.

We flew to Phoenix to spend a few days with Dad.  Guaymas was a seven-hour drive from Phoenix.  We rented a car and drove south.

Gianni wanted to stop and eat at a roadside hut.  I thought we might get food poisoning when I saw the number of flies hovering above the pots on the makeshift kitchen stove.  The tacos and burritos were delicious.

We got to the hotel in the early evening.  We swam in the pool, ate at the hotel restaurant, and basically rested the next days.  We didn’t leave the hotel grounds during our stay.  I knew I needed to reconnect with my husband.


The last time I made this, I went to the farmer’s market in my village square and  found some beets.IMG_1609

I roasted them in the oven for 40 minutes on 425 degrees.  Peeled ’em and mixed them up with their own greens,


and made a soft taco with my fave corn tortillas, hand made style yellow corn tortillas from La Tortilla Factory.  I can’t find them at my grocery store so I have to buy them online @


Buon Appetito