Pâté Rustico while discovering Tuscany.

I love the smooth French pâté.  When I first arrived in Europe I’d wander the open-air markets in Paris until I found a vendor that had beautiful truffle pâté.  I’d buy a sandwich size slab and spread it on a baguette and eat the whole thing.  Tiny brown truffle bits were speckled throughout.

My first photo shoot ever in my an accidental modeling career was in Tuscany.  The photographer used natural light because we were shooting outdoors, so we didn’t have to wait in the makeup chair for hours while they lit the set.

We spent two days in there—the first for fitting and the second for the shoot.  We were dressed in colorful sporty separates and we were all on horses riding in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. We’d gallop through the okra-colored grass hills between the dark emerald cypress trees. It was very much about the horses, the landscape, and mostly the clothes, and not about us.

The photographer knew the best trattorias in the region.  I found a rustic version of a Tuscan delicacy in a quaint trattoria.  We ordered some for our appetizer and I hoarded it all and didn’t order anything else.